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HERACLES – Inspired by Greek mythology, Hercules, a Greek God who is known for strength and courage rightly fits us.

Introducing our Granulation Machinery to bring Advance Technology at competitive prices in the world of manufacturing.

The Strength that makes us to be the pioneers in granulation line machinery is OUR TEAM. The team’s dedication and efficiency replicate in our machines.

The Courage for innovation and research to build on efficient, reducing intricacies, to augment the existing is Heracles!

In the field of medicine, trust and safety is of utmost importance. We pay attention to every minute detail to eliminate any possible intricacy resulting to better efficiency. We have a team of experienced, subject matter experts with a blend of young, dynamic individuals who are ready to take challenges heads on.

The motto of Heracles is “Efficient in what we manufacture and in what it manufactures” is our strong belief.
Our high quality, granulation R&D and Production Line Machines speak for themselves.

With our vast experience, we have been growing tremendously. We believe in growth when our clients and associates grow with us!

We are Heracles!